After-Sales Service Plan

1.Until our clients are willing to receive our machines, we will arrange field test and operation in our factory before we give the machines to our customers. We will provide users with technical training in the factory such as installation, commissioning, maintenance, the necessary installation guide, operation instruction, safety training, maintenance training and cautions notice. All these are for free.

2.We will provide our clients with detailed technical information(the installation environment, use and maintenance, operation caution, safety instructions). We will try our best to cooperate with our clients to do the preparation work such as commissioning before equipment installation.

3. After the machine is sent to the customers, according to the requirements of customers, we can arrange our after-sales service team to provide equipment installation and modification at your doorstep. In the process of using our machine, if encounters problems, we can communicate through telephone and the Internet about the problems of the equipments. Our after-sales service team will provide 24 hours free technical support and services. If the problems can't be solved through telephone and the Internet, our after-sales service personnel will provide maintenance service to the customers at your doorstep. According to the different regions in the world, our after-sales service cost standard is also different. So the after-sale service cost will be calculated according to the contract.

4. We have plenty of spare parts. If our clients need to change fittings ,we will provide our clients with corresponding fittings according to our factory price in time. When necessary, we will guide client engineers to do replacement installation through telephone or video.

5. We have formed a global after-sales service department. It is comprised of German engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and commissioning engineers. They are ready to handle and solve real-time events.

6. In allusion to after-sales service in Europe, our engineering team in European branch will take responsible for that. In America, we have signed a contract with a local engineering services company. So we will entrust it with after-sales service in north America. In the next two years,we will found Singapore branch in order to make timely response to after-sales service in southeast Asia.

7. We offer Qianxiang’s <> for each machine both in Chinese and English in order to make convenience for operation personnel to consult.

8.Tel for after-sales service: +86 (0)21- 54172138

9.Objective: We formulated this measure to ensure the after-sales service for export equipments, and to promote the development of foreign markets for Qianxiang’s products.

10.Using range: These measures are applied to after-sales service work by overseas users (or dealers) who purchase from domestic and construct overseas (or sold to foreign users) through the marketing network units.

11.Warranty provisions of export equipments are carried out according to the relevant files of the group company.

12. If foreign services are needed, users have to assume air tickets back and forth and expenses of accommodation overseas for Qianxiang’s employees. (It shouldn’t be under the standard of overseas employees according to the provision of our state.). Users are also responsible for handling abroad procedures for Qianxiang’s employees, ensuring personal safety of them, dealing with overseas personnel insurance and health insurance for Qianxiang’s employees according to the same standard of the employees in the user’s party.

13. The warranty period of equipment quality will be executed according to the contract. When the machine is transported by sea, the warranty period will be extended by one month. However, the damage caused in the process of transporting equipments, parts aging、oil metamorphism、corrosion caused by long time storage or storage environment (such as shipping) aren’t in the claim range of quality repair warranty.

14. We recommend customers to purchase the parts whose total expenses are 5-10% of the equipment according to the engineering term, country conditions. The parts can be taken overseas for maintenance and our company will provide fittings details.

15. When a maintenance is needed in the period of quality repair warranty, we will first to use customers’ own spare parts and dispatch the same specification fittings to the location of user’s domestic company. When the spare parts can't satisfy the need of domestic maintenance, our company only takes responsible for transporting fittings to user’s domestic company. Then the user takes responsible for transporting fittings to overseas. If it’s in the period of quality repair warranty and it fits the provisions of the claim, we will provide the fittings for free. If it’s not in the period of quality repair warranty or it doesn’t fit the provisions of the claim, we will dispatch the fittings after the user pays for the fittings.                  


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