Factory’s quality inspection



The daily record for factory’s quality inspection

    After the factory is formally delivered, the weekly quality inspection is indispensable.

The weekly irregular examination greatly enhances the neatness and security of the factory. It also makes our employees work more orderly and regularly

    Our chief engineer takes lead responsible for safety and health inspection. The members of the safety inspection team are composed by people diverted from engineering department and production department. The team members will be alternated regularly.

    The safety inspection team makes spot checks instead of regular checks, which makes our employees realize that they should do the safety and health working well at any time. This measure also has urged effects for workers to form a habit gradually.

    Judging from the recent effects of spot checks, some small details are ignored habitually, but the phenomenon has gradually turned to perfect. The effects of spot checks are obvious. After several spot checks, it makes our factory , especially the front operators recognize their cognitive deficiency.

    The saying “Prevent the fire before burning” isn’t empty words, and it needs practical action.

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