Qianxiang machinery:

Shanghai Qianxiang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. belongs to Qianxiang Group. We focus on fields of mechanical design, research and development, production-manufacturing and engineering solutions. Through our advanced design ideas, accurate solution design, strict production and  perfect after-sales service system, we provide our clients with valuable ending packaging equipments and solutions for fabricating non-standard automatic equipments.


Production fields:

We have over ten years’ experience in designing and producing ending packaging equipments and non-standard automatic equipments. We have such ending packaging equipments as blister packaging machine, blister shaping machine, forming-cutting (two in one) machine, package-sealing machine, full-automatic SK machine and some other automatic equipments. We get approval from our customers because of our non-standard equipments and their solutions we designed for customers from various kinds of fields.


Range of services:

The headquarters of design and R&D is located in Shanghai, names Shanghai Golden Tolerance Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd. We employ 33 engineers in shanghai and in Bavaria, Germany. Since we have experienced engineers, We design suitable package and solutions for automatic production match the different requests from the customers. Our service field and production are suit for: stationary, hardware tool, toothbrush, battery, cosmetics, toys etc.


Development Concept:

We focus on increasing the automatic degree, production efficiency, research and development the low cost packing strategy in the R&D view. We believed that according to the careful automatically manufacturing design and packing system. It will take place of the manual to do the dull, repeat and low effective work. It gives the liberation hands to the workers so that they can create more value and added value of work.


We have access  to a number of patents ,the patent numbers as follows:


    It is a series of processes of research and development of equipments ,that through finding problems、 searching for the solutions to the problems and making test improvements ,which leads a high successful application.In the process,the company leaders and the engineering research and development personnels who have payed a sweat.However,the efforts we have made were not in vain.We are proud of owning the patents of QX machinery equipments!

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